Creations by an aspiring graphic designer from Sweden, with a passion for illustration and typography, among other things. Currently looking for work.

Feel free to send a message on here or contact me at: maarten_borja@hotmail.com
A new piece of mine. Experimenting abit with textures.
Textures from:http://texturefabrik.com/andhttp://sirius-sdz.deviantart.com/
"Neotype"Working on my typeface entitled "Futur". Here are just a few of the new letterforms. The plan right now is to create an uppercase-only typeface with lots of alternate glyphs to add variety and encourage alot of experimentation.Photo by:http://pelleron-stock.deviantart.com/
"Prismatic 02"
"High Tide"
Listening to some good music made me want to do this piece. Fairly simplistic. I was trying to catch the “feel” of the song High Tide by Lemaitre and translate it to something visual.
Textures from: texturefabrik.com
"Helmet 02"
The second helmet I started on - and the last one to get finished. Really happy with how it turned out. The other helmets:http://maartenborja.tumblr.com/post/76003480290/helmet-01-the-first-helmet-i-started-making-inhttp://maartenborja.tumblr.com/post/74200736967/helmet-op-making-a-series-of-sci-fi-esque
A logo for producer Filip Olsson (aka NvY), who makes “synthy” electronic music with video game-influences.
NvY: https://soundcloud.com/officialnvyTexture: http://texturefabrik.com/
Wasn’t sure what to name this..Images used from:
(for lack of a better name..) Fairly quick piece.
Image credits:http://ysaeddastock.deviantart.com/
Late night piece. Turned out pretty sweet - I think :P